Sunset Oil and Gas Partners, LLC
President and Project Coordinator

Clyde Etchason

With a military background, Clyde Etchason is a past oil producer, with current oil production who has also drilled his own wells. Etchason's well-rounded experience has led him through the vast realm of the oil and gas industry, from the insurance side, to crude oil transportation, to drilling and completion. Having majored in business, and with an array of experience, his career naturally progressed to the position of President and Project Coordinator.

Our Combined Objectives

We are comprised of our relationships and companies that have come together, specializing in our own areas of expertise. Our long-term objectives include:

  • Expanding a diversified portfolio of oil and gas prospects
  • Continuing to grow through our defined strategies
  • Continuing to develop high impact projects
Partners and Contractors

Statistics say: Fewer than half of the holes drilled strike enough oil to repay costs

Sunrise Exploration was incorporated in the State of Illinois in 1984. Owned by Kenneth Lankford and Lex Anderson. Sunrise Exploration is known as one of the most experienced drilling, completion, and operations companies in the Illinois area. They stand firmly behind their slogan "Specializing in Oil and Gas". Having grown up in the oil and gas industry, Lankford and Anderson's career experience is evident by their bringing in 25 out of 28 commercial wells to completion. That's an 89% success rate!!!

That's significantly more than a measly 50% success rate.

Kenny Lankford's father, Don, was born 1925 He broke into the oilfield business in 1942. He became a tool pusher for Sledge drilling company in 1966. Don Lankford and his Partner bought their first drilling rig in 1977 and became Lankford Drilling Company of McLeansboro Illinois. They bought a total of three drilling rigs. Sixteen years later Don sold out his business in 1993. Don had Personally drilled 335 wells and his son Kenny Lankford had drilled 175 wells. They drilled the majority of these wells in their back yard (the Dale Consolidated field) Lankford drilling had drilled a total of app. 510 wells in 16 years. Don Lankford is now 87 years old and Kenny is 64.

"Instead of Don taking his son fishin. He took Kenny to the drilling rig".

George N. Mitchell Drilling Co., Inc. is a family owned business that has been a part of the Illinois Oil & Gas Industry since the early 1940's. Known for their honesty and high moral values, they also continue to invest in new equipment with the latest technologies. With four rotary rigs and seven completion rigs, they can take an Operator from drilling the well through to completion.